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Stuff, October is here!?!

I am rediscovering internet radio and am listening to Pandora Radio.   You can create your own station with the type of music that you like.  Some of the songs on my channel (Old 97s) are songs I already own on a cd.  But for some reason they sound cooler online in a mix with other groups.  This summer for about a week, I was listening to this station in D/FW on FM 93 somewheres, they played music that suited me and sure enough they reformatted and its like Top 100 now.  Boo.

Well, doing devotions online will not make one do them…you just have to do them, and so I tell myself.  My professor said that statistics show that 80% (more?) of pastors do not read the bible outside of the times they are preparing sermons and teaching.  Shame on us.  Part of me has been wondering about how I can tie in the web with ministry?  Basically I find myself getting online quite a bit…and so I thought I can marry the internet with devotional life and such.  Lessons learned, one needs to have a devotional life to which to wed!  For me the conflict is that I like to write in my Bible, and when you pull up Bible Gateway or The Net Bible or ESV online, you can’t write on the screen!  Or you shouldn’t!  Also learning to discipline myself and basically make the time to be with the Lord. After all devotions are about the person which you are meeting and not about a notch on the old planner.

Alright so Pandora radio says its part of the Music Genome Project, pretty pithy (witty and smart) anyhoo, I chose Old 97s as my channel, and the Pandora search engine analyzes all its database and pulls up songs  with the same beat and such.  So I get alongside the Old 97s -groups I also happen to like.  Like Johnny Cash! Wilco, Ween, Weezer, Cake…

Random thought:  I wonder if we will play football in heaven?  Is football heaven on earth?  Well not when you get popped really good!  Heaven on earth; aww, memories of my baby and my “baby momma”.  ok, maybe more thougths later.


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